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First come First in basis


Leeds Grand Mosque has been serving our community for over 25 years fulfilling its congregation and visitors’ spiritual, social and learning needs.

It has always been open for various activities, events and prayers everyday 7 days a week all year round. Unfortunately since COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and the first lockdown back in March 2020, we have set up a crisis management committee lead by sheikh Dr Al Judai and Sheikh Dr Taher, our COVID-19 officer, and two medical doctors including management members, who have been having regular meetings and working to set up and agree a protocol for the possible use of the mosque for prayers to decide on when and how we perform the opening and execution of the protocols in accordance to the government’s guidelines.

Since the start we have been taking the threat of this pandemic very seriously and in accordance to our Sharia we have had to prioritise the health needs (Preserving life) of our members of congregation, so we decided to suspend the prayers on 19 March just a few days before the UK general lock-down. By July and when the government decided to ease the lock-down, we have finalised the risk assessment and have set up a very carefully prepared protocols for congregational prayers in the mosque and the most important part of these protocols was that it had to be introduced gradually and very well managed.

Despite the discouraging news of the high rates of infections in this second wave specially in our city Leeds, we are now confident to run our protocols in the best and safest of ways provided our congregation adheres to all instructions.

Our Friday prayer protocols:

  1. We open the mosque car park small pedestrian gate at 12:20 pm (only staff vehicles are allowed in the carpark for organisational reasons and to leave more free spaces outside).
  2. Members of congregation should always queue as instructed by staff members and keep the social distancing of 2 meter, giving priority to sisters on entry.
  3. You enter through the marquee where you will register your presence, will be asked for the necessary requirements, and have your temperature taken.
  4. You enter through the sisters’ door and sanitise your hands on entry.
  5. The entry gate will be shut at 12:45 pm, 5 minutes before Friday sermon starts.
  6. Sisters will be guided to go and pray upstairs and keep walking in straight lines.
  7. Brothers will be guided to go to the main hall and glassroom and keep walking in straight lines.
  8. You go straight to the line and prayer position allocated by staff and once you are seated you should not switch places.
  9. Exit procedures will executed by our staff straight away after the prayer is finished.
  10. Once the prayer finishes please remain seated until the turn of your line is instructed to leave.
  11. Sisters exit route will be through the same way they came in through.
  12. Brothers will be exiting through the side Woodsley Road gate and the back double doors leading to Hyde Park Road small gate.
  13. In case of fire the inside doors and fire exits are accessible and the assembly point will be the bottom of mosque's carpark.
  14. We kindly request of you not to gather in groups outside the mosque.


By attending Friday / Taraweeh prayers, you confirm that you have read and agreed to meet the following requirements:

  • You make sure to come in a state of Wudu and early enough as the gate will be closed 5 minutes before the Imam stands on the Minbar at 12:45.
  • You will bring the following items: Face mask or covering, Prayer mat, Plastic bag for shoes.
  • You do not have any of the symptoms in the last 24 hours prior Friday prayer: Fever or cold and flu symptoms, A cough or breathlessness, Fatigue, Loss in the sense of smell or taste.
  • Neither you nor anyone in your household has tested Covid-19 positive in the last 14 days.
  • You are not shielding at home or living with someone who is shielding or who is over 60, do not bring any child under 12, or those who cannot maintain social distancing or wear a face mask.
  • You are willing to pray Sunnah/optional prayers at home, you follow fully the guidance and instruction of staff and volunteers and the UK government, you sanitize your hands, keep social distancing of more than 2 meters at all time, you are not a high risk person or have anyone at home at high risk.
  • If you are a chair user you leave the chair at the same position during and after the prayer.
  • Accept that LGM reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone if they do not follow instructions of the volunteers.

Jazakum Allah khaira

Please keep us in your prayers and keep on supporting your mosque with your generous donations