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Nikah (Marriages)

The Leeds Grand Mosque is licensed to conduct marriage contracts in conjunction with the Register Office.

A marriage ceremony can be conducted in one of two ways:

  1. Nikah (Islamic marriage contract) and civil contracts performed together or
  2. Nikah (Islamic marriage contract) only, if you have a civil marriage certificate.

In either case you need to:

  • Attend the mosque and speak with the Imam to arrange a suitable date and time for the cermony. Both bride and groom should be present.
  • Bring an existing civil marriage contract to the Mosque as proof of marriage if you only require nikah.
  • Both parties should bring a proof of indentity. i.e. passport, driving license.
  • Be aware that there has been some new procedures put in place in the way we conduct the ceremony due to Coronavirus pandemic.


There is a charge of £200 for performing Nikah (Islamic marriage contract) and civil marriage together and £150 for performing only Nikah (Islamic marriage contract) at the mosque, adding travel expenses if performed outside the mosque. This is payable before the ceremony. Please note this does not include the costs of a civil marriage contract.


you can contact the Imam office by emailing: or visit the mosque and speak with the Sheikh Dr Taher (depending on his availibility) at the following times:

Monday: After Dhohor or after Asr

Tuesady: After Dhohor or after Asr

Wednesday: After Dhohor or after Asr

Friday: After Jumua prayers  (In person not by phone)

Saturday: After Dhohor or after Asr


Please note the Imam can only help with marriage related matters IN PERSON or by emailing to arrange a meeting.