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Da’wah Projects

Annual School Exhibition

We organise an Annual School Exhibition every spring term. This runs for two weeks to accommodate the growing demand from schools and colleges. During the exhibition, there is an extra emphasis on inviting Primary & Secondary schools as well as colleges and the general public to visit our Mosque and ask questions. Between 40 and 50 schools and more than 1500 pupils and their teachers are welcomed through our doors. We see this as an excellent opportunity to dispel the myths about Islam; to break down any cultural and religious barriers that exist between Muslims and the wider community and to educate people about the basic principles and beliefs of Islam. During these days we specifically focus on the similarities of the Abrahamic faiths so that we can build bridges based on commonality. Our visitors learn about the Mosque and what it is used for besides the prayer; they will hear the call to prayer and see and actual demonstration of how Muslims pray; they will hear the beautiful story of how the Qu’ran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( ). How Abraham and Ismail rebuilt the Kabah and called humanity to perform a pilgrimage to worship there. Links are made to Mary & Jesus, the Angel Gabriel, Moses, Noah, Adam and many of the preceding prophets and messengers. Children will learn about different traditional Islamic clothing and will have an opportunity to try some on and have their photos taken; and through this time our visitors are encouraged to ask any questions they like about Islam and Muslims. In addition to the exhibition, we offer an outreach service, where our volunteers visit schools and do presentations in front of school assemblies; as well as do class room based workshops and presentations. We help schools to develop their Islamic curriculum and provide training and resources for teachers so that they are more confident and better equipped to deliver Islamic education to their students.

Non-Muslim open days

a full day programme is organised for non-Muslims including presentations, workshops and refreshments. This is done a four of times during the year. The aim is to give them an insight into Islam in an interactive and welcoming way. We get an average of 40 non-Muslims attending this, all providing positive feedback.

LGM and Saint Georges Crypt

A collaborative project between LGM and St Georges Crypt whereby the Muslim attendees arrange different projects to help the homeless people staying in St Georges crypt. One such project was alongside the Qu’ran School, where children were taught about charity and put their lessons into actions through preparing 20 emergency ‘Moving on Boxes’ (consisting essential kitchen and household items that will be given to each homeless person when they are moved into social housing). Alongside this, the children will also made ‘Best Wishes’ cards to be included in each box that has an appropriate verse from the Qu’ran or Hadeeth, to share with the homeless person.