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Activities, Events and Speakers Policy


    For a public institution such as the LGM, it is vital to uphold our standards. If someone were to use our facilities to promote hatred or violence this would be against our core values. There has to be a balance between freedom of speech and freedom from abuse and vilification. The good works of the LGM could be seriously undermined if a speaker here were to bring us into disrepute. Therefore, the LGM may refuse or cancel any booking by speakers or event organizers where it deems it is in its own interest to do so. Overall, this policy aims to achieve a number of specific objectives, including:

    • To protect the reputation of LGM.
    • To ensure the facilities of LGM are not used as a platform to cause offense, or to promote intolerance, hatred or violence.
    • To provide a framework for determining the suitability of a proposed speaker.
    • To protect freedom of speech in accordance with the law, and foster and promote community cohesion.

    The LGM as an institution has the following objects:
    Advance the Islamic faith for the benefit of the public by maintaining and managing a community centre and mosque in Leeds.
    Advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the general public, and in particular the Muslim community.
    Promote other charitable purposes.

    The responsibility of the LGM committee is to ensure its facilities are used to further these objects, not hinder them. Therefore, the LGM management committee reserves the right to refuse any booking/external speakers that:

    • May present a threat to public disorder.
    • May promote or incite hatred or violence against others.
    • May risk alienating the LGM’s beneficiaries or supporters.
    • May embroil the LGM or its Management in disrepute.
    • May cause offence to other users or disrupt other activities of the LGM.
    • May breach the LGM Event & Speakers Policy.

    In addition to the issues above, the LGM management committee has the right to reject proposed event or speakers that may present issues that contradict LGM’s own ethos and mission. Two of the most common issues are outlined below.

    Religious Issues

    The LGM seeks to preserve authentic Islamic teachings. Such teachings encompass a wide range of views and opinions on certain aspects of Islam. There are also views and opinions which are not part of the mainstream understanding of Islam. The LGM can accommodate differences of opinion within Islamic thought, and through interfaith work differences between religions. But in cases where an event or speaker might promote views which could be wrongly associated with the LGM, then the management committee reserves the right not to allow these to proceed.

    Political Issues

    We do not allow the promotion of any political party or candidate, nor do we allow our facilities to be used to canvas people. We do, however, encourage people to take part in democratic processes, such as voting in elections. For example, we may allow:

    • A serving MP or councillor to participate in an event as part of their normal duties.
    • Pre-election hustings where all candidates are allowed equal opportunity to answer questions from and of relevance to the local community.

    LGM can NOT be held responsible for lost property during an activity or event


    All LGM stakeholders must be made aware of this policy and will be informed of its contents.

    Prospective hirers/speakers of the LGM’s facilities must be given a copy of this policy. Once a request for the use of our facilities has been received by the LGM office, we will undertake reasonable background checks using information, where appropriate, from Recognised UK agencies, and reliable media and internet sources.

    Information gathered about any potential hirer or speaker will be assessed in the light of the guidance in section 2.

    Based on the information the LGM may decide one of the following:

    • To allow the speaker/hirer’s booking to proceed unchanged
    • To require the speaker/hirer to change the subject matter, named speakers, publicity material, or any other aspect of the booking deemed necessary by the LGM
    • To refuse the booking
    • Even if a booking has been allowed, there may be circumstances in which the LGM later decides to cancel the booking (see section 4).


  4. Room Hiring

     Currently, there are three venues which are available for hiring, including:

    • The lower class room.
    • The upper class room.
    • The premium seminar room (first floor)

    If a venue is sought for a ‘paid’ activity/event, then the hiring rate for each venue will be applicable (Prices will be provided by the mosque office after submitting the booking form)

    Note: - Weekend carry on an additional  charge.

    Other services (e.g., access to interest, refreshments, lunch, etc.) can be provided at extra cost (should discuss with the LGM office in advance).

    Additional items and services for hire:

    • Data Projector 
    • Laptop 
    • Flipchart 
    • Plasma Screen 
    • Hot water urn 
    • Tea & Coffee 
    • Water 
    • Juice 
    • Biscuits 
    • Technician / camera operator 
    • Support staff for setting up 

    If a venue is sought for a ‘Free of charge’ activity/event, then the mosque will provide the venue free of charge after approval from the mosque management committee

    Social Gatherings:

    For social gatherings and community meetings, there will be a £10 contribution to the mosque with a maximum stay of 2 hours. If it is a Condolences gathering (Majlis Azaa’) then it is free of charge with maximum stay of 2 hours. You will be allocated a room by the mosque office according to availability.


    It is very important that all attendees respect and observe thew following:

    • Keep quite and voices down.
    • Modest dress code at all times.
    • schedule your activities times around the prayer times.
    • Encourage the attendees to join the congrigational prayers, or if they can't they should keep quite during prayers and after it.

    The LGM always reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking where it deems it is in its own interests to do so. The circumstances in which this might happen include (but are not restricted to):

    • A hirer publicising an event before it has received formal LGM approval.
    • A hirer making any change to its event content, speakers or publicity materials which in the view of the LGM may have prevented the granting of the booking.
    • New information coming to light about the organisers or the speakers which, had it been known at the time of the booking, may have prevented the LGM from the granting of the booking.
    • Advice from the Police, Charity Commission or other recognised authority that the event should not be allowed to go ahead, or a particular speaker should not be allowed to speak.

    Cancellation on the day of the event

    • There may be circumstances where the LGM has to cancel an event on the day of the event itself, even if the event has already started. The circumstances in which this might happen include (but are not restricted to):
    • A hirer or speaker diverging from what was agreed in the booking
    • A threat to public order, from whatever source, where it is deemed that allowing the event to continue may cause harm
    • Any other unforeseen circumstances, such as serious power failures, failure of water supply, or any other factors, where the LGM committee (or staff acting on its behalf) deem it inappropriate to continue with the event.

    Retentions by LGM

    For all classrooms and seminar room
    After confirmation by the LGM 20% of the total cost
    Within 14 days of the booked date 50% of the total cost

    Refunds of charges, less any retention, will be made within 14 days of cancellation



    The facilities of the Leeds Grand Mosque (LGM) are used by a variety of people and organisations for public events, meetings, seminars, etc. The LGM management committee has a duty to protect the reputation of the LGM. When our facilities are hired or used, speakers and/or hirers must agree to the conditions specified in this policy. In particular, the policy includes conditions designed to prevent bringing the LGM into disrepute. It is essential that any hirers of or speakers at our venue are aware of our policy and commit to adhering to it. Moreover, this must include speakers addressing people not only in person, but also by any other remote broadcast or recorded media. It is a condition for use of the LGM facilities that any hirer or speaker must be bound by this policy.