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The month of fasting

Ramadan is undoubtedly the most vivacious, energetic, vibrant month at Leeds Grand Mosque; our activities are at their peak during this holy month. It is a dynamic month at LGM that draws together the eclectic mix of the wider community, whereby the spirit of the people complements the services offered by the mosque. To cater for the masses of worshippers, the LGM serves iftar, at least, twice a week for the entire families in our community, taraweeh prayers run throughout the month every night.

In addition to the above, a fully catered I’tikaf programme is offered for both brothers and sisters; with an average of 20 brothers and 10 sisters participating annually.

Finally, as mentioned previously, an Annual Ramadan Youth Programme takes place for the youth throughout the entire month. To assist families, Ramadan crèche runs every night during taraweeh prayer. For a very small fee, qualified child minders look after children for the duration of taraweeh prayer in a safe environment; here at LGM we are running this session in order to provide mothers to peacefully enjoy the Ramadan spirit, for children to have some fun and for all other worshippers to enjoy a peaceful worship.

A Qu’ran competition takes place during this month to encourage the all members of the community, from age four onwards, to connect with the Qu’ran. Winners are awarded after the Eid prayer.

The Annual Ramadan Youth Project is an innovative project run over the four weeks of Ramadan, complementing the weekly circles running throughout the year. It comprises a series of interactive workshops and a Qiyam (night prayer). The teaching methods used throughout the workshops are universal in their approach, with the aim of educating, engaging and empowering the youth in their faith and life related matters. More specifically the aim is to make the most of the blessed month, to boost the youths development through Islamic teachings. Previous topics have consisted of manners of the Muslim, the fiver pillars of Islam, the importance of time and the purpose of Ramadan and importance of the Qu’ran.