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Schools Visits

Annual School Exhibition

We host five School Exhibitions annually to meet the increasing demand from schools and colleges. These exhibitions serve as a valuable opportunity to dispel misconceptions about Islam and educate students about the fundamental principles and beliefs of Islam.

Schools can gain a comprehensive understanding of our Mosque, exploring its various functions beyond prayer. Furthermore, schools can have the chance to experience the call to prayer, witness a demonstration of Muslim prayer, learn about the intriguing story of how the Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the inspiring tale of how Abraham and Ismail reconstructed the Kaaba, inviting humanity to participate in a pilgrimage to worship there. Connections are drawn to figures such as Mary and Jesus, the Angel Gabriel, Moses, Noah, Adam, and other preceding prophets and messengers. Children are also introduced to different traditional Islamic clothing, given the opportunity to try some on, and have their photos taken.

In addition to the exhibition, we offer an outreach service where our volunteers visit schools to conduct presentations during school assemblies. We also provide classroom-based workshops and presentations, assisting schools in enhancing their Islamic curriculum. We offer training and resources to educators, equipping them with the confidence and tools needed to effectively teach Islamic education to their students.

To book, please scan the QR Code on the poster or click on the poster to direct you to the registration page.