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Always prepared

Leeds Grand Mosque (LGM) Scouts Returns!

We have a vision, and have been setting the foundation since summer 2006. Our team consists of enthusiastic scout leaders, who will be running the weekly sessions and an executive team working behind the scenes to ensure the sustainability of the group.

The aim of scouting is to support young people in their physical, intellectual and spiritual development through fun, challenging and adventurous activities.

Our Vision is:

To develop socially engaged young people – individuals who are curious, kind, welcoming, active and resilient, who are equipped with skills for life, enabling strong community engagement and fostering a culture of diversity and acceptance.

Our Motto is:

Always be prepared!

Scouts Returns!

At present, we have the following sections:

Cub Scouts group: boys and girls, ages 8 - 9½.

One Scouts patrol: boys and girls, ages 10½ - 14

They take place every Saturday mornings from 10.00am-11:30am in the main hall of the Leeds Grand Mosque.


For further information or any inquiries get in touch via email

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