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The word fatwa means to make a legal decision on an Islamic basis. A fatwa is made based upon the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (saw).

For online fatwas please visit the UK Fatwa Committee website:

For personal fatwas please contact the Imam by email : to arrange a meeting with Sheikh Dr AlJudai or Sheikh Dr Taher. Alternatively, you can visit the mosque and speak with the Sheikh (depending on his availibility) at the following times:

Monday: After Dhohor or after Asr

Tuesady: After Dhohor or after Asr

Wednesday: After Dhohor or after Asr

Friday: After Jumua prayers (In person not by phone)

Saturday: After Dhohor or after Asr

Please note the Imam can only help with marriage or divorce related matters IN PERSON or by emailing to arrange a meeting during the times mentioned above.