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The Mosque

Leeds Grand Mosque (LGM) is the largest mosque in Leeds with a regular congregation of well over 2000 Muslims, which has been a dramatic increase since its humble beginning in 1994. Over the last two decades, it has developed to become a truly lively and spirited Mosque, seeking to encapsulate the very ideals on which it now thrives as opposed to being simply a place of worship. Due to its close proximity to the University, LGM has a very diverse and multicultural community; contributing to the very warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere that the mosque is so well known for by those who visit and access its many services.

With its forward-thinking, LGM now provides a vibrant platform for open discussions on social challenges and issues; is an outlet for knowledge, a playground for vibrancy and it is full of energy, passion and conviction in the servitude of Allah and a lasting symbol of belonging and identity.

We believe in the multi-faceted role it has been playing in establishing the success, tranquillity and enlightenment of the Muslim community; as well as welcoming other faiths who wish to explore the true Islam and learn its core values. Here at LGM, we envision building a community, whereby the role of the Masjid serves as both nourishment and as a solution to the myriad of needs and challenges facing the community at large, as well as serving as a source of the betterment of the world; and as a platform for social cohesion, integration and interaction.

Legally, the Leeds Grand Mosque is run by the MAB Charitable Trust and has the same registered charity number as the trust:  1147031


Letter re status of LGM

Letter of appointment – Omar Fawzi