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Living Islam Academy

Living Islam Academy



To raise a generation of successful Muslims that love, learn and live Islam in all aspects of life, integrated in their communities whilst preserving their Islamic values.



Living Islam is an established Islamic education circles for children and youth (5+ yrs old). Providing essential Islamic knowledge for youth and children in a interactive and fun atmosphere.  Our lessons include Quran recitation and memorisation, Tafseer,Tajweed, and Islamic studies as  well as special Arabic classes.  Our circles also provide special activities for children including arts and crafts, puppet shows, and story time as well as special assemblies for youth to help them deal with hot topics and everyday issues that they face at school and in society eg. Drugs, smoking, youth identity, islamophobia,relationships with friends ….etc


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If you would like your child/ren to enroll at Living Islam Academy (LIA), please send an email to:

 We cannot guarantee a place as some of our levels are over subscribed and we have a waiting list.

  ******************* Registration now open for Living Islam Children, Youth and Arabic 2017 *****************

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