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Eid for the family

Eid is a celebration that occurs twice in the Islamic calendar: the first Eid is called Eid-ul Fitr and marks the end of month of Ramadan; the second is Eid-ul Adha which occurs at the end of the Hajj season. Eid is a big occasion of festivity and fun for all the community.
Eid has always been a big deal at Leeds Grand Mosque – it’s an opportunity for the whole community to get together and have fun during this religious occasion. Every year, we organise a large Eid party. Recently, we have started to work with other local mosques in Leeds to organise a large communal Eid celebration that brings as many of the mosques in Leeds together: the Leeds Eid Gala. One of the key features of the Leeds Eid Gala is that the event is organised and manged by the community – it’s great fun and an opportunity for everyone to get involved and meet new people.
Watch this space for more information on future Leeds Eid Galas and how to get involved.