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The Remembrance of Allah

March 23, 2018
DISCLAIMER: This reminder was originally delivered in Arabic on this Friday. Any meanings lost in translation are not to be attributed to the speaker as reminders are translated by volunteers. The mosque has no official translator and volunteers often have no formal qualifications to translate on the day. Please forgive any errors as they are from our human weakness and any right guidance is from God.

The remembrance of Allah

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Many people suffer from the feeling that they are facing this world alone. The have feelings of loneliness, weakness and fear of the future and everything around them that makes them feel a lot of pressure and discomfort. This results in them not enjoying life and can even lead onto causing them many psychological problems.

Some psychologists, after searching and looking and several attempts at treatment, have concluded that the believer, who follows a religion and connected with God, helps protect him from anxiety and psychological disorders. One of them is quoted as saying: “ No matter how lonely you feel, know that you are not alone. If you are on the side of the road then be happy and sure that God is walking (exists with) on the other side!” That's what psychology says!

So, it is more befitting and better for every Muslim to feel this closeness to Allah (swt) and certainty. We should not be concerned about loneliness, nor allow ourselves to feel anxiety or psychological pressure. Because Allah (swt) says:

"If my servants ask you about me, then I am a near." [Al-Baqarah, 2:186].

And he (swt) also said:

" And He is with you wherever you are. For Allah is All-Seeing of what you do."[ Al-Hadid, 57:4 ].

And it is narrated in a Hadith Qudusi that "Allah, (swt), has said:

'I will declare war against him who treats an ally of Mine with hostility. And the most beloved thing through which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (voluntary prayers or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) until I love him, (so much so that) I become his hearing with which he hears, and his sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he strikes, and his leg with which he walks; and if he asks Me something, I will surely give him, and if he seeks My Protection (refuge), I will surely protect him”.

And Allah (swt) says:

 “Indeed, Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are doers of good.” [ An-Nahl, 16:128 ].

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Allah the Exalted says:

'I am as my slave expects me to be, and I am with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me inwardly, I will remember him inwardly, and if he remembers Me in an assembly, I will remember him in a better assembly (i.e., in the assembly of angels). And if he comes one hand span nearer to Me, I go one arm’s length nearer to him; and if he comes one arm’s length nearer to Me, I go a distance of two outstretched arms nearer to him; and if he comes to Me walking, I go to him rushing.' [ Sahih Bukhari]

Allah (swt) says in Surah Al-Baqarah:

O believers! Seek comfort in patience and prayer. Allah is truly with those who are patient.” [ Al-Baqarah, 2:153]

Allah (swt) is reminding us of his blessings and gifts that do not run out, and his support which never stops, and all kids of good with no limits. Security and safety, peace and tranquillity, reconciliation and pleasure and freedom and joy and pleasure. 

So by remembering Allah you are with him, and by remembering him you are connected to him. This remembering is one of the heart and mind combined with the words on your tongue. Feeling that you are connected with Allah and with him will always bring you a feeling of comfort and lasting happiness from your Lord. You will feel a light that will fill your heart, even if this whole world is closing in on your and closing its doors and covering you in darkness. Didn’t Allah (swt) say:

Those who believe and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah. Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort. Those who believe and do good, for them will be bliss and an honourable destination.” [Ar-Rad, 13:28-29]

So, remember Allah and you will be with him. Your heart will find tranquillity and peace. Your heart and mind will be calmed, your faith will increase, and your confidence, certainty, and trust will be strengthened.

Whoever is in fear of a person or group of people should say:

“ O Allah, take care of them for me however you want to. “ [ Sahih Muslim ] .

And in the story of the young boy and the king, in which there a young boy who was the only person that believed in Allah (swt) and was firm in his belief and trusted in Allah. The king of the time wanted to get rid of this boy by killing him, so he told his soldiers to take him to a high mountain and throw him off the top if he does not leave his religion and disbelieve in Allah. So they took the boy to the mountain and threated to throw him off. So the young boy made the dua:

“ O Allah, take care of them for me however you want to. “ [ Sahih Muslim ]

Then the mountain began to shake and the soldiers fell off and died. So the boy returned to the king , safe from any harm. Then the king commanded his soldiers to take him to the ocean, and threaten him to leave his religion again, or throw him off the boat into the sea. So when they did this the boy made the dua again,   

“ O Allah, take care of them for me however you want to. “ [ Sahih Muslim ]

 Then the boat capsized and they all died except the boy. So he returned to the king again. And the story goes on…. 

The lesson we want to take from this story is that this boy was able to do this due to his strong belief and conviction in Allah (swt) and his power, and he knew Allah (swt) was with him and trusted him to protect him.

Just as Musa (as) said to Bani Israel when they were still oppressed by Firaun. Musa said:

 “O my people! If you do believe in Allah and submit ˹to His Will˺, then put your trust in Him. So they said, "Upon Allah do we rely. Our Lord, make us not [objects of] trial for the wrongdoing people. and deliver us by Your mercy from the disbelieving people.” [ Yunus, 10:84-86]

So remembering Allah (swt) strengthens the link with Allah and strengthens our certainty and increases our trust in him, especially in times of hardship and tribulations and tribulations.

Our beloved Messenger (saw) said to Abu Bakr while in the cave of thawr  and being hunted down, with those in pursuit metres away from him :

  “Do not worry, for Allah is certainly with us.”.

Directly after this Allah says:

 “So Allah sent down his tranquillity upon him and supported him with angels you did not see “

Likewise we should ask Allah (swt) for his support and tranquillity by remembering him and having a good connection and relationship with him. It is narrated from Ibn Abaas ( may allah be pleased with them both)  said:

“When (Prophet) Ibrahim (Abraham) was thrown into the fire, he said: "Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and, He is the Best Disposer of affairs." So did Messenger of Allah Muhammad (ﷺ) when he was told: "A great army of the pagans had gathered against him, so fear them". But this (warning) only increased him and the Muslims in Faith and they said: "Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)". [ Sahih Bukhari ]

So reciting the Quran, performing the morning and evening remembrance and supplications, performing your prayers and other such acts will strengthen your connection with Allah and place you in his protection. As narrated in a Hadith:

Whoever prays the morning prayer in congregation will be in the protection of Allah. “ [ Sahih Targheeb ].

And who will be able to harm you if you are in the protection of Allah ?

The remembrance of Allah should be in the morning, the evening, when entering and leaving a place, when eating, when sleeping and waking, when travelling and returning. In every aspect and movement of your life your life, general and specific. So remember Allah as much as you can and revive your heart and work to become obedient to him and to fear and obey him. Allah (swt) says:

O believers! Always remember Allah often, and glorify Him morning and evening. He is the One Who showers His blessings upon you—and His angels pray for you—so that He may bring you out of darkness and into light. For He is ever Merciful to the believers.” [ Al-Ahzaab, 33:41-43]


We ask Allah (swt) to make us from those who remember him often and are close to him. Ameen.