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Ramadan Programme

Tuesday 13th April 12:00am
Leeds Grand Mosque
Facebook page & YouTube channel


This year we have planned various activities for everyone. All the activities will be broadcast on the mosque's Facebook page and YouTube channel. The programme will include: 
  • Taraweeh prayer every night starts at 10:30 pm. You will be able to pray and follow the Imam from home through the live broadcast on the FB page and the YouTube channel. Please see the fatwa by clicking on this link: PRESS HERE FOR FATWA
  • Khatmul Quran (Quran recitation) with Shiekh Taher every day after Duhr and Asr prayers
  • Your mental well-being in Ramadan lectures every Saturday 4:30 pm with Mr Saeed Nasser (A senior Counseller). Please see the attached poster for more details
  • Children and youth Ramadan competition : "Name the sahabi". Like last year we will post a question every day on Facebook and the children will have to guess the name of the Sahabi and send the answers to More details about the competition on a separate post of the Facebook page
  • The LGM's sisters weekly circle with Dr Reem El-Gendy. The circle will be held on Zoom every Saturday at 3:00 pm. More details on how to register will be posted on the Facebook page.