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Basic Life Support

Saturday 05th August 02:00pm
Leeds Grand Mosque
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Basic Life Support @ Leeds Grand Mosque
Sat 5th Aug 2017 - ***Free course***
You are having dinner with the family… Suddenly, someone starts choking. They cannot talk and their lips are going blue. What do you do?
Whilst praying at the mosque, the person next to you collapses.  They are not responding – they have stopped breathing. What do you do?
Walking through the city centre, you notice someone lying on the ground, unconscious. What do you do?
In each of the scenarios above, you have only minutes to act… If you don’t know what to do, the person in front of you could die. However, equipped with the skills of Basic Life Support, you will be able to jump into action and save a life!!
_*So join us on Sat 5th Aug 2017*_
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Brothers and sisters welcome. Separate seating during theory; fully segregated practical session.
No crèche facility available