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How To Understand The Qur'an

Weekly circle with Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al Judai "How To Understand The Qur'an"


For 20 years Sheikh Abdullah Al Judai’ has been delivering classes looking at the tafsir of the Qu’ran. Tafsir circle for Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Judai starts at 7:00pm every Monday, in Arabic with instant English translation.

Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al Judai’ is one of the leading scholars of our time and a key reference-point for the Scholars in the West and beyond. He studied traditionally and received Ijaza from the leading scholars of Iraq. He is one of the founding members and president of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, an organisation bringing all the leading scholars in Europe working to unify the jurisprudence views between them in regards with the main fiqh (Islamic Law) issues that relate to the Muslim minorities living in the West. He too offers fatwa services to members of the Leeds community, fiqh courses and a weekly Qu’ran Tafseer (exegesis) class in LGM that is delivered in Arabic. The weekly Qu’ran class have been delivered for the past 20 years. Shaykh Abdullah Al Judai’ is well published, with tens of books, research papers and valuable publications which are well known worldwide.