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Children's Classes

LGM’s Qur’an School for Children

The LGM Qu’ran School is a well-established weekend school that runs every Saturday between 9.30am-12noon. The School provides much-needed education in tajweed, Islamic Studies and memorisation of the Qur’an, for children aged 6-14 years. Children are divided into one of the six levels based on their abilities.

The School also undertakes extra-curricular activities such as educational trips and local social action. These activities help to improve life skills and bring about wider social benefit and prevent any social, psychological or physical harm to pupils, their community and society in general.

Ultimately the aim is to bring about the wider social benefit and prevent any social, psychological or physical harm to themselves, their community and society in general. In this way, the imbibing of the Qu’ranic verses are lived, practised and put into action by the students, so that the understanding and the implementation of the Qu’ran is sustainable and progressive.

We at LGM believe in very high standards and professionalism, hence, our Qu’ran School project is planned, prepared and delivered by trained accountable teachers and volunteers. Teachers also undergo continuous development and training.

Furthermore, we have Curriculum Leads who plan and monitor the School Curriculum. Child positive reinforcement is central and this is done through sticker charts and final term awards.


If you would like your child/ren to enroll at the Qur’an School, please send an email to:


We cannot guarantee a place as some of our levels are over subscribed and we have a waiting list.


Living Islam Academy


Second term registration

Leeds Grand Mosque would like to announce the beginning of second term for the living Islam academy for children aged 5 to 16 years old, academic year 2015/2016. The starting date of this term will be Tuesday 05/01/2016 and will end Friday 25/03/2016. Registration for new students is open now, please use this link to register your child/ children (Fill an application for each child).

Students who were already registered from the first term, will be automatically registered for the second term, and are expected to complete their registration and pay the fees on Tuesday the 5th of January

What is Living Islam Academy ?

An educational and social project to build a coherent Muslim community based on moderate Islamic teachings What are our Aims?

  1. To provide Islamic education for the whole family through a social and fun environment.
  2. To aspire to rise generations of devoted Muslims, who will live the message of Islam in all aspects of life, integrating in their communities whilst preserving their Islamic values

The structure of the project:
Venue: Leeds Grand Mosque

  1. Islamic school for children
  2. An educational circle for brothers in LGM
  3. An educational circle for sisters in LGM
  4. A social gathering for the whole family at the end in LGM


  • The children school to run on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm & Fridays from 6:00 to 8:30 pm
  • Starting date: Friday 13 /11/2015
  • Adult circles will be on Friday only from 6:00-8:30 pm


  • adult circles are free of charge
  • children’s circles will incur a tuition fee of : £30 / month for the first child and £ 25/ month for the second child and £20 / month for any other child

Subjects taught at the children’s school:

  • Qae’da Nourania
  • Quran memorisation according to age group with explanation of meaning
  • Islamic studies : will establish a curriculum of essential knowledge that all Muslims should know as basics of their religion, in addition to characters and ethics of a Muslim character.

Summary of the curriculum:

  1. Know your God (pillars of Faith and the beautiful names of Allah Subhanoh wta’ ala).
  2. Know your prophet ( biography of Prophet Mohamed (SA).
  3. Know your religion: worship Jurisprudence, Muslim character building and role models.

Entry criteria:
This will be based on first come first serve until places are filled. Levels will be determined according to age. Levels and age ranges:

  • Level 1: 5-6 years old (3 classes)
  • Level 2: 6-7 years old (2 classes)
  • Level  3: 8 -10 years old (2 classes)
  • Level 4: 10-12 years old (2 classes)
  • Level 5: 13-16 years old (2 classes)

Please register your children as soon as you can to ensure they get a place in the school Best wishes walsalam Living Islam Team