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LGM Football

Men’s 5-a-side football

Weekly 5 or 7 aside indoor football matches for men. All pitches at the location are 3G and have changing facilities on site with drink vending machines and a pool table.

Come join us every Sundays to take part in getting fit and meeting new people who are part of the community at the masjid

For more information please email:
Football World,
Pontefract Ln, Leeds LS9 0RA
1pm - 3pm

The aim of the activity is multiple one is to provide an opportunity for regular exercise which is in line with Prophets Muhammad S.A.W teachings, but also to strengthen the ties within the Muslim community. The stronger the ties within the community the more we are likely to be able to help one another as well as the local area. The football has also allowed newly converted Muslims to build friendships with other Muslims; this friendship has provided them with the necessary support in a new and challenging period of their lives. LGM Team