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Update on LGM Children's Quran School

November 11, 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update about the children's Quran school.

As with any project in the masjid we strive to provide the best service to those that benefit from our various initiatives.

An integral aspect of this is to review and learn from successes as well as any areas that we can improve on. As a result, we have restructured the Quran classes for the overall betterment of the school; taking into account how the masjid can host such a school in the best way whilst ensuring the safeguarding of the children in our care.

Alhamdulillah a head teacher has been appointed and we are in the process of recruiting teaching staff and ensure they have the necessary training before the commencement of lessons.

We appreciate your patience during this process.

We will notify all parents as soon as we are ready to open the school up for registration.

LGM Management Committee