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Introduction to Sunnah & Hadith Course

January 31, 2014 We will be holding a course on the 15-16 February 2014 in the Mosque entitled 'Introduction to the Sunnah & Hadith' with Shaykh Dr Abdullah Al-Judai' inshallah. The course will explore the meaning of "Sunnah" and what it encompasses, the science of Hadith and its accuracy in identifying the authentic and reliable narrations. This science is unique to the Ummah of Islam and is not known to any other nation. Indeed, it has enabled it to preserve its religion. The course will also elaborate on the status of the Sunnah in relation to the Glorious Qur'an, its role in Islamic legislation, how it was recorded and preserved, and how the science of Hadith served this cause. Full refutation of the doubts cast against the Sunnah and the Hadith will be provided and supported with full evidences. The course is for brothers and sisters, and will be taught exclusively in Arabic by the Shaykh, therefore a good mastery in the Arabic language is required. Supplementary evening sessions in English will be provided for those who attend the full Arabic course and do not have a strong command of Arabic. Those who are interested in benefitting from the material covered in this course and do not know Arabic should contact the organisers to explore possible options. The booking includes all taught material, lunch and refreshments. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. For further details and to book, please visit: