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Living Islam Academy children's registration @ LGM for the new academic year

August 11, 2016

Dear brothers and sisters,

Alsalam alikum Wa Rahmateh Allah Wa Barakateh

 After the great success of our programme during the academic year and during the living Ramadan programme, the LGM and Living Islam Academy are delighted launch the living Islam programme for the second year, but this time round with a special youth programme

 We would like to urge you to register your children as soon as possible to this year's programme. - The programme is due to start on the 13th of September 2016 and will end on the 20th of July 2017

The programmes will be taught on three semesters with a special programme during Ramadan

- The programme teaches the following:

1. How to read Quran through the Nourania base

2. Memorising Quran (Suras will be determined according to level and age)

3. Islamic studies which will cover the basics of belief, worship, Islamic etiquettes and ethics, Islamic role models

 Our programme is fun and interactive and will include:  assemblies, nasheed said, plays, arts and crafts

- The programme will run two evenings a week :

Tuesday: 6-8:00

Thursday: 6-8:30

- Places are limited and will be offered on first come first served basis

- Fees : £20 / child 

Please register your children ASAP using this online application (see below) and kindly verify which age group does your child fall in

Level1: 5-6

Level 2: 6-7

Level 3: 8-9

Level 4: 10-12

Young people above the age 13 and above will have a separate application form under living Islam Youth.

Best wishes