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LGM Annual Schools Exhibition

May 10, 2016

mosque pic

In a few short days Leeds Grand Mosque will be opening it's doors again to host it's Annual school Exhibition that has been running very successfully since 1996. We have 32 primary and secondary schools already booked for an interactive, educational visit during the two weeks commencing Monday the 16th of May. Approximately 1,600 pupils and teachers will come to learn about Islam and Muslims; ask questions; break down barriers and stereotypes and celebrate the commonalities between people of faith and different religions. We aim to contribute towards developing and maintaining a cohesive community where all people are respected and valued. The mosque will also be open to receive members from the wider communities each evening during the exhibition. So if you have a desire to know who your Muslim neighbours really are, then please come along with friends and family, ask questions and find out the truly loving and peaceful nature of Islam.

We see this as an excellent opportunity to dispel the myths about Islam; to break down any cultural and religious barriers that exist between Muslims and the wider community and to educate people about the basic principles and beliefs of Islam. During these days we specifically focus on the similarities of the Abrahamic faiths so that we can build bridges based on commonality. Our visitors learn about the Mosque and what it is used for besides the prayer; they will hear the call to prayer and see and actual demonstration of how Muslims pray; they will hear the beautiful story of how the Qu’ran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace & prayers be upon him). How the Prophet Abraham and his son Ismael (Peace & prayers be upon them) rebuilt the Kabah and called humanity to perform a pilgrimage to worship there. Links are made to Mary & Jesus, the Angel Gabriel, Moses, Noah, Adam and many of the preceding prophets and messengers (Peace & prayers be upon them). Children will learn about different traditional Islamic clothing and will have an opportunity to try some on and have their photos taken; and through this time our visitors are encouraged to ask any questions they like about Islam and Muslims. In addition to the exhibition, we offer an outreach service, where our volunteers visit schools and do presentations in front of school assemblies; as well as do class room based workshops and presentations. We help schools to develop their Islamic curriculum and provide training and resources for teachers so that they are more confident and better equipped to deliver Islamic education to their students.

We hope to see you there.