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Leeds Eid Gala Gallery 2016

July 21, 2016

To our amazing volunteer team

I would like to say a great big thank you to our volunteer team. A big thank you to those who came on the day and carried the Eid party on their shoulders, and to those whose circumstances prevented them from attending on the day, but they went out of their way to register their interest in helping out. Jazakum Allahu khayr and may Allah bless you all in this world and the hereafter…

A big thank you to the team on the ground on Saturday 9th July. Although you were all working extremely hard and the demand and pressure was high, you were all cool, calm and in good spirits. You did an amazing job. The team spirit was phenomenal - no problems or conflict despite the pressures and large number of team members, so easy going… It's because the intentions were pure inshaa'Allah. May Allah accept your efforts as a service to the Muslim community for the sake of Allah.

Despite the heavy rain in the morning, despite the fact that our largest marquee which we were counting on couldn’t be put up... Despite all this, you were all so calm and positive. You all handled everything really well. You solved problems that arose effectively and creatively. Mashaa'Allah - what a team.

Jazak Allah khayr to all the brothers who did the 12 hour shift! You lot worked so hard that there were a couple of brothers who were dozing off as we were waiting to for the lift back home!

There was no bravado, no big talk, no showing off; you just got on and did an amazing job.

For me the event was successful when I saw us all working together as a good team preparing for the event, before the attendees came. For me, even if the rain messed everything up and no one had turned up and we made a loss in terms of money, this true Islamic spirit was enough for the event to be a success.

Through organising this event, I felt ‘community’ on a scale I hadn’t felt before. Whether on the WhatsApp group, or on the ground on the day of the Eid party, you were all emitting an energising wave of positivity and enthusiasm to help out and do good. I wish this community of selfless volunteering would continue through The Extended Muslim Family Project (TEMFP) due to be launched soon. I would really like to see you all there, as well as everyone else who has a yearning to serve Allah and do good in society.

So please remember to register by following the link below, if you feel you’d be interested in joining: Http://