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November 08, 2019

The General Election and British Muslims – playing your part

Salaam alaikum,

We are just 5 weeks away from the most important election ever for Muslims in the UK. The 'Muslim Vote 'has huge potential and can significantly influence up to 80 seats, at a time when the Government does not even have a majority.

This is how you can play your part

1. Register to Vote – Check whether you’re registered to vote at

2. Visit the ‘Get out and Vote’ Website – .
This contains vital information on what matters to Muslims and what MEND is lobbying for on behalf of British Muslims.

In due course, we will be publishing our Manifesto highlighting the issues that matter to British Muslim with key policy pledges. We will then be listing all the candidates standing for election in your locality with information on how many of MEND’s policy pledges they have agreed to, so you can vote in a smart and informed way.

Please register yourself and then share with your family and friends.

Jazak'Allah Khaira!