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Basic Life Support Training Course

March 01, 2016 LGM has joined forces with the British Heart Foundation, in their mission of creating a nation of life savers. Our vision is for every household in our community to be aware of the necessity of basic life support skills, and to be prepared to jump into action whenever a life is at risk.

LGM Heros

On Sunday 13 March 2016 at 3:00pm till 5:00pmLGM Heroes! (1)

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Every year, in the UK, more than 30,000 cardiac arrests occur out of hospitals. That is 30,000 opportunities to help save a life. Cardiac arrests are often witnessed by family members, or friends. Without help, the person will die within minutes, but effective and     immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can help double the chance of survival in some cases.

In our beautiful religion Islam, human life is sacred. No one is allowed to take away life be it the life of others or one’s own life. No one is allowed to expose lives to danger. Ending life, for no legal reason as decreed by Allah, is a major crime; it could end the killer in Hellfire forever. Accordingly, saving a life is of the greatest of deeds, with a colossal reward. This is highlighted in the Quran: [quotes style="classic" align="center" author="Quran - Al-Maeda (5:32)"]…if anyone saves one life it is as if he saves the lives of all of mankind…”[/quotes]LGM Heroes! (1)

We are excited to invite you to a Basic Life Support training course aimed at teaching the public how to save lives. It focuses on teaching people simple techniques, which will help maintain the life of the unconscious person, in that critical early period, before the casualty team arrives. Let us all be part of the British Heart Foundation’s Nation of Life Savers. Kind regards Dr. Rowaa El-Magazy LGM Training