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Leeds Grand Mosque Multi-purpose Hall Extension

April 19, 2022


Hall ExtensionAssalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah,

Dear LGM Community,
Leeds Grand Mosque extension Plan
LGM is a valued local community place of worship which has been serving the local Muslim resident population around Leeds since 1994. As the community of more permanently settled Muslims grew in the last years, the LGM has always had a vision to look after the young people in the community. They need to stay connected to the mosque through the different activities provided for them. We aim to build a multi purpose hall to accommodate all the young people’s activities. Moreover, this hall will be used for social events (e.g Aqiqas) and will provide extra space for prayers on Fridays and Eid days.
How much does it cost to extend our LGM?
The cost of this extension is £125.000. To fulfil this plan, Leeds Grand Mosque depends on YOUR generosity to cover the cost of such extension. Since its start, your donations and support have made LGM as it looks today. This means that without your support LGM would have never materialised.
However you decide to be a part of the LGM Project, please know that all of the beneficiary communities make dua for those who have contributed. 

The Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing reward) gained from donating towards this beautiful project is immeasurable. Contribute towards building a mosque now and gain countless rewards in the Hereafter.
Help us extend our beautiful masjid for our communities with your mosque charity, giving them an extra communal place of worship that can be used for generations to come.
To donate please click the following link:

Jazakumu Allah u Khayran 
و نسأل الله التيسير.