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Maqasid Al Sharia

The Objectives Of Sharia

Leeds Grand Mosque is intending to start a series of Islamic courses presented by Sheikh Dr Abdullah Al Judai the Vice President of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. The first course will be " The Objectives of the Sharia" or Maqasid Al Shariah
The Fiqh of Maqasid enriches the link between the Islamic shariah and the human values such as freedom, justice and equality 
It builds the Muslim capability to tackle new issues and to be proactive.

The course is for everyone who is looking forward to contemporary understanding and implementation of Islam.

The course will be delivered in Arabic but there will be an English summary provided in the evening of each course day and Q&A session with Shiekh Dr AL-Judai in the last day.

Venue: Leeds Grand Mosque
DATES: 05/05/18 to 07/05/18
For booking, fees & further information please visit: HERE