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*** Islamophobia Awareness Month ***

November 19, 2022

*** *** Islamophobia Awareness Month *** ***


Dear LGM Community,
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rhamtu Allah,
Soon, we will embrace the month of November which is an Islamophobia Awareness Month. Islamophobia Awareness touches upon a sensitive subject that affects our daily lives as Muslims in the UK. During that month different organisations and institutions highlight the threat of Islamophobic hate crimes and showcases the positive contributions of British Muslims to society.
In cooperation with Mend, Leeds Grand Mosque will organise a seminar to explore the reality of Islamophobia and how it manifests itself within the UK. It will also investigate the rights of Muslims and Muslim children in practicing their faith freely within society.
> Saturday, the 19th of November.
> 18:30 after Isha' prayer.
> LGM - 9 Woodsley Road, Leeds, LS6 1SN
P.S. It is a social event, and Everyone is welcome to share their experiences – parents, students, new Muslims and anyone that experienced Islamophobia or has affected their lives.
* Snacks & Refreshments will be provided.