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LGM Schools Exhibition

November 11, 2015

A week full of schools visits... welcoming over 200 visitors.

including some pics from past visits of West Yorkshire police attending Leeds Grand Mosque Annual School Exhibition. A Fantastic experience was had by everyone who attended. Leeds Grand Mosque has an excellent working relationship with the police force and local officers like Officer Sara Barrie frequently visit and support the educational activities that the mosque provides for all primary and secondary schools across West Yorkshire.

Officer Sara Barrie attended a school visit today where she physicly helped at the end with clearing the boards and tables, Sara said, 'We fully support the excellent work that LGM and all it's volunteers do, these on-going visits as well as the Annual Schools Exhibition provide excellent opportunities for pupils, teachers and parents alike to learn about Islam and Muslims, to break down misconceptions and stereotypes and to build mutual respect and develop community cohesion. I have seen the positive out come of these visits and wish every school would avail of this fantastic educational resource.' This paragraph could be used with the photo you took today in the mosque.