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Lantern Festival

May 12, 2018

Asalamualeikum dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, 

We would like to invite you to our very exciting Charity Lantern Festival on Saturday, May 12th, 3-6pm, at Leeds Grand Mosque.
We would like to bring all the community together while supporting our brothers and sisters in Syria and elsewhere in the world where there is currently severe need. Let us all come together and make a difference!
In sha Allah, with the help of our wonderful volunteers, there will be plenty to enjoy for everyone:
- Barbeque
- Bouncy castle
- Lantern crafts
- Chocolate fountain
- Cake stall 
- Henna & Face painting
- modelled Balloons
- Stalls including Eid gift stalls
- Food & drink
- Calligraphy
- Raffle
- Story time
and lots more... The event itself is free but there will be a small charge on food and activities.
We would love this to be a family fun afternoon, but we can't do it without all of you! Please support us to raise money for those who are truly in need while having a lovely time together!
Please kindly spread the news and bring family and friends! Thank you!
We are very much looking forward to having you!