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Jumua Prayers During Adverse Weather

March 02, 2018

Notice regarding attending Jummah during adverse weather.

 The Friday prayer for the one who struggles to attend due to the heavy snow and ice

Praise to Allah, and peace and blessings upon the Messenger of Allah, and to proceed:

The heavy snow falls and presence of ice in many parts of Britain have caused many schools and 
work places to announce their closures today, due to the danger involved in travelling on the roads. 
In such conditions, it is from the sunnah for the mu’addhin (caller to prayer) to say during his call to 
prayer, ‘sallu fi buyutikum’ (pray in your homes), as is found in the wording of the hadith of ibn 
‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him). 
It is reported, by Bukhari and Muslim, that Ibn Abbas commanded his mu’addhin to announce this 
amongst the people. When some people rebuked him for doing so, he said, ‘This was done by 
someone who is better than you and me. The Friday prayer is an obligation, but I did not want to 
burden you by causing you to walk on the slippery mud.’

Imam an-Nawawi said: ‘In this hadith there is a proof that the obligation of the Friday prayer is lifted 
due to the excuse of rain and that which is similar. This is our madhhab and the madhhab of others.’

There is no doubt that the hardship that exists in walking and travelling on the ice today on such 
weather conditions, is more severe than the hardship of rain, and ‘Allah does not burden a soul 
more than it can bear’.

Based on the abovementioned, attending the Friday prayer is an obligation that is lifted for today for everyone affected by the weather conditions. All those who struggle to attend the masjid are permitted to pray the dhuhr prayer in 
their homes. 
Success is from Allah alone