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24 Hour Winter Camp Challenge

Wednesday 26th December 06:30pm
Leeds Grand Mosque
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 24 Hour Winter Camp Challenge

This program is an opportunity to get our children busy with some useful activities during two days in December. The program includes: sleepover for one night (boys and girls will be separate), do the prayers in the mosque, learn new stuff, and face a lot of challenges in a fun and entertaining way.  
Date: Starts Wednesday 26/12/2018 (18:00) - finishes Thursday 27/12/2018 (18:00)
Venue: Leeds Grand mosque 
Targeted participants: Boys and girls, age between 9-13 yrs old 
The program will involve activities that cut across four themes:
1. Iman: quam prayer, reading Quran, Duha prayer, etc.
2. Education: talks, discussions, contemporary questions and answers (such as Jesus (PBUH), Christmas, Muslim identify, bullying, etc.) 
3. Challenge: competition games, scout and teamwork activities, etc.
4. Fun: eating pizza, playing with indoor balls, etc. 
The fees are £5 per child (including food)
The last day for registration is 25th December, and no registration will be allowed on 26th December (the start date).

Places are very limited. Register early to avoid any disappointments. 

To register please: HERE