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Khatmul Tajweed

Weekly circle with Sheikh Dr. Tahir "How To Recite The Qur'an"



Sheikh Dr. Tahir’s Tajweed circle for men is an open circle running throughout the year. The material covered is varied, ranging from core principles for those without a prior tajweed background, to more detailed knowledge for those who have prior tajweed experience.

In recent weeks, the classes have covered a simplified explanation to Al-jazari’s tajweed poem, and has now reached explanations about the use of letters. This is followed by a summarised lesson from a famous Tajweed textbook. The principles are then applied by looking at individual verses, followed by recitation. Recitation is initially by repeating after the Sheikh as a group, followed by reciting individually with the Sheikh correcting any errors. During summer months, the timing of the circle is Friday at 7.00 pm.