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Advanced Arabic Class with Sheikh Dr Taher at Leeds Grand Mosque

November 15, 2022

*** Advanced Arabic Class ***

by Sheikh Dr. Taher 

Have you ever felt that you speak Arabic, but not fluently? And that you wanted to do something about it, but you feel yourself going nowhere with it? Then, look no further than Leeds Grand Mosque as Sheikh Dr. Taher, with his tremendous experiences as Imam and Khateeb of the mosque, has created a weekly Advanced Arabic course for non-Arabic speakers who could converse and read Arabic texts. Qatr An-Nadaa wa-Ball Al-Sanaa of Ibn Hisham has been selected by Sheikh himself as a fundamental book for this course to advance your oral and verbal and Arabic reading skills.
For more information, do not hesitate to visit the mosque and have a word with Sheikh Dr. Taher or his team to register you for the course as places are limited.
The team will be available at the mosque on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at the following dates and times 6pm to 7pm if you'd like to find out more information. Otherwise,
drop us an email at
The course fee is *£350* for the full year
The start day is on the15 November 2022
Tuesdays ► 7pm to 9pm
To register, please fill in this form