Sheikh Mohammed Taher

Imam & Khateeb

Dr. Mohamed Taher is the Imam and Khateeb of Leeds Grand Mosque. He is a fully qualified khateeb with qualifications in shari'ah, Maliki fiqh. He has been a student of several...
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Sheikh Abdullah Al Judai’

Resident Islamic Scholar

Dr. Abdullah Al Judai’ is one of the leading scholars of our time and a key reference-point for the Scholars in the West and beyond. He studied traditionally and received...
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Dr. Ihab Ibrahim

LGM Chair person

Dr. Ihab is the current chairman of the mosque,  his role is to ensure that the management committee functions properly. He provides leadership and he works closely with all the...
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Siraj Ul-Haque


Siraj is an integral part of the Masjid, he has been involved maintenance and development in the Mosque for many years now.  He is a professional financial manager.
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Dr. Omar Fawzi

Cultural department

Dr. Omar is an associate professor in strategy at the University of Huddersfield-the business school.  He has academic, as well as, practical experience in strategic planning, project management, and organizational...
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Tafazal Mohammad

Youth Department

Tafazal Mohammad works in the voluntary sector and is also a freelance consultant in youth and community work. He has a Masters Degree in Community Leadership; a Post Graduate Certificate...
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Dr. Rowaa El-Magazy

Sisters & Training

Dr. Rowaa in her role will be extending current women's activities through Quran Tafseer (exegesis) classes and other activities to support the social and psychological needs of Muslim women.
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Sisters, Website and Quran School

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Recruitment in progress

Social Department

The head of the Social Department, which is the link between The Leeds Grand Mosque and both the inner and outer communities at Leeds, through planning and coordinating various social activities
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Aahid Rasool

Community Engagement Officer

Aahid is an IT graduate currently working within the project management field, as the LGM Community Engagement Officer, he plans and implements ways to engage with individual and local community...
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Dr. Tarek Abdullah

Accountant & Treasurer

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Lassaad Laouini

Office Manager

Lassaad is the office manager in the Mosque. For all enquiries related to the general office please email
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Larabi Channoune

Support Worker

Larabi is our main caretaker assisted by Ibrahim.
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Commitment to Islam

Our team adheres to the highest standards in the commitment to help promote Islam in whatever activity undertaken at the Mosque. We aim to provide as much information to the Muslim community in Leeds and encourage anyone from any school of though to come to the Mosque.

Equality and Diversity

We believe in the promotion of Islam beyond all sects and schools of thought. Our aim is to be as open and innovative as possible, working with all across platforms that are available to us – social media, gatherings, and mosque activities.


The ultimate aim of the Leeds Grand Mosque is to provide a solid Islamic Education to anyone who seeks knowledge.