In line with our vision, and developing our community, the courses are chosen based on a well-thought out themes e.g. the 5 pillars of Islam; each pillar is studied individually, with one course covering the inner meanings and spiritual dimension; whilst another covering the fiqh matters related to each specific pillar of Islam.

Marital Relations

Shaykh Dr Abdullah Al-Judai - Sat 15 March

Fiqh of tahra (purification)

By Sheikh Tahir

Intensive Fundamental Knowledge course and specialist knowledge course, these include Fiqh course (Islamic rulings) which are taught by either Sheikh Al-Judai’, Sheikh Tahir or other specialist scholar; essential fundamental knowledge such as Principles of fiqh (usul-il-fiqh), the objectives of Shariah (Maqasid-Al-Shariah), fiqh of tahra (purification).

In attempt to further increase the vessel of knowledge, we support external Islamic institutions, serving our vision, by offering our masjid as a platform for weekend courses; institutions include Bridges Foundation and Utrujj.